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Haier 7 KG Semi Automatic Washing Machine | HTW70-178BKN

NPR 25,500

Vortex Pulsator

Offering a luxurious design with highly advanced Pulsator feature that creates super strong water flow like vortex to give strong strike on clothes by ensuring better quality wash and preventing bacteria breeding.

Magic Filter

Experience a clean and hygienic wash every time with an inbuilt 4D magic filter which has been specially designed for optimized collection of lint. This helps to eliminate detergent/dirt residue efficiently for deeper cleaning and extra care of the fabrics.


Designed with advanced technology, it helps divide water into separate flows and intensity allowing the washing machine to provide better cleaning while minimizing foam.

Anti Rat Mesh

Equipped with a mesh cover at the base to hinder the entry of rats, it is specially designed to be pest-proof. This protective structure safeguards the unit from damage.


Washing machine stands with locking castor wheels. Place sorted baskets underneath. Also easy to pull them out for cleaning and repair.

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